Ref: MRS-L

Mini Strangautomat

A scaled down 2 stage mini candy rope sizer ideal for use in laboratories, small scale production or manufacturing demonstrations.

The mini candy rope sizer is the perfect addition to your small scale candy manufacturing set up. The machine can be used for rope sizing both hard candy and caramel products.

The rope sizer is of a robust design manufactured in full 304 stainless steel construction with a glass bead finish. The machine is driven via a motor gearbox unit with an electronic variable speed unit.

The sizing consists of 2 set of changeable vertical sizing rollers. The rollers can be supplied as required. They will reduce the candy rope from a large diameter to a smaller one. Each set of rollers can be independently adjusted via a thumb screw located above each roller.

The machine is normally table mounted but if required can be supplied on a separate floor stand.

Mini Rope Sizer Datasweet
Mini Rope Sizer Front Datasweet
Mini Rope Sizer Back Datasweet