Ref: MDF-L

Mini Prägemaschine

Designed especifically for people requiring smaller production outputs, the machine will produce perfectly formed candies in rounds, rectangles and oblongs.

The machine utilizes a continuous rotary die which forms a candy rope into perfectly formed candies in your preferred shape.

The machine has been designed to be extremely robust ensuring a reliable and long life time. All parts are manufactured from stainless steel and die changeovers are extremely quick and simple. Due to the full stainless steel construction the candy forming machine is extremely hygienic and easy to clean.

The die speed is fully variable via inverter control and the machine will typically produce around 150Kg per hour of candies (subject to the size of your sweet)
The machine will need feeding from a mini batch roller and rope sizer forming part of a complete candy manufacturing line.

mini die former
mini die former inside
mini die former
Mini Die Former Output Datasweet