Ref: UMD

Universal Depositing Machine

This universal depositor can pour caramels, gummies, hard candies and chocolate in all kinds of moulds.

It has a removable heating panel with a digital, variable temperature control.
Max. temperature: 160°C (320°F).

Six nozzles are adjustable and removable to allow easy set up for any type of mould. Two additional nozzles are in option.

The complete machine can be disassembled without tools for easy cleaning.

Hopper capacity: 5 L
Dimensions: 400 mm / 520 mm / 570 mm (15.75″W x 20.5″D x 22.5″H)

230 / 120 Volt

Silicone moulds designed for the machine are available here.

Depositor Details
Depositor Masses