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Candy Bites – The Science of Sweets

by R.W. Hartel & A. Hartel

Publication date: 2014
Softcover, 270 pages

ISBN: 978-1-4614-9382-2

This delicious new book reveals the fascinating science behind some of our favorite candies. If you’ve ever wondered how candy corn is made or whether Baby Ruth bars really float, as in the movie Caddy shack, then this engaging collection of food for thought is guaranteed to satisfy your hunger for knowledge. As well as delving into candy facts and myths such as the so-called ‘sugar high’ and the long history of making sweetmeats, the authors explore the chemistry of a candy store full of famous treats, from Tootsie Rolls to Pixy Styx and from Jawbreakers to Jordan Almonds. They reveal what makes bubble gum bubbly and why a Charleston Chew is so chewy.

Written in an engaging, accessible and humorous style that makes you laugh as you learn, Candy Bites doesn’t shy away from the hard facts or the hard questions, about candy. It tackles the chemistry of hydrocolloids in gummy bears alongside the relationship between candy and obesity and between candy and dental cavities. The chapters open a window on the commercial and industrial chemistry of candy manufacture, making this book a regular Pez dispenser of little-known, yet captivating factoids.

Table of Contents

Through A Candy Store Window
All Candy Expo.
Art or Science: A Brief History of Candy
Candy Companies Big and Small
Sugar History and Production
The Demon Sugar
The Sweet Tooth
Soft Ball to Hard Crack
Breakaway Glass: A Soft Solid
Cotton Candy
Rock Candy
Candy Doctors
LifeSavers or Jolly Ranchers
Candy Canes: The Science Experiment
Sponge Candy or Fairy Foam
Dum Dum Lollipops
Cut Rock
Sugar-Free Candy

Pixy Styx and Fun Dip
NECCO Wafers and Conversation Hearts
Wint-O-Green Mints
Peppermint Patties
Junior Mints
National Candy Corn Day
Maple Syrup Candies: A Natural Treat?
Caramel: Controlled Scorching of Milk?
A Caramel Family
Caramel Cold Flow
Tootsie Roll Pops
The Fudge Factor
English Toffee
Gummies and Jellies
The Starch Mogul
Swedish Fish and Starch Jelly Candies
Dots and Orange Slices
Gummy Jigglers
Black Chuckles
Fruit Snacks

Sour Patch Candy
Where Do the Jelly Beans in the Easter Basket Come from?
Jelly Bean Flavor Development
Panning Patience
Everlasting Gobstoppers and Atomic Fireballs
Runts and Nerds
Is Licorice Good for You?
Licorice Variations
The Marsh Mallow
A Whopper of a Story: Malted Milk Balls
Retro Candy: Bit-O-Honey and Mary Jane
Gum Wads
Gum and the Bedpost
Medicinal Gum
The Vending Machine
Snickers Bars
Baby Ruth
Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut
Turtles or Cow Pies?
Candies: Dead or Alive

Super-Sized Candies
Goo Goo Clusters
Candy Land