Silesia Confiserie Manual 4

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Silesia Confiserie Manual No.4 (Panned Goods)

by Josef A. Merl + K.-W. Stock

SILESIA Gerhard Hanke KG
Publication date: 1996
Paperback, 231 pages

ISBN: 3980069109

Reference book for the manufacture of panned goods and the surface treatment of snack products (including pharmaceutical dragees).

Table of Contents

A: Panned Sweets for the Confectionery Industry

1. Introduction
2. Setting up a coating department
3. Dragees centres
4. Coating solutions and masses
5. Pre-treatment of the centres
6. The coating methods
7. Various methods of coating
8. Coloring and flavoring the coated sweets
9. Glazing coated sweets
10. Various specialities
11. Packaging and storing dragees
12. Scrap recovery

B. Pharmaceutical dragees

1. Various types of centres and corresponding coating processes
2. Various possibilities for building up pharmaceutical dragees
3. Coating methods
4. Glazing of dragees
5. Packing and storing dragees