Making Chocolates Factory

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Making Chocolates in the Factory

by Robert Whitefield

Kennedy’s Publications Ltd
Publication date: November 2005

ISBN: 97809558085

Robert Whitefield’s book is intended to help owners, managers and operators with practical advice on all aspects of running a factory and concentrates on the details of operating enrobers, moulding plants and dragée equipment. It includes basic recipes and advice on modifying recipes for reasons of texture, taste and cost. Robert also provides guidance on making good-quality chocolate confectionery and maximising profitability.

The author was weaned on chocolate, having been born to the family owning Jameson’s Chocolates in Tottenham, London. Starting work in the 1950s, he rapidly learned the basic principles of chocolate and confectionery manufacturing. The factory produced its own chocolate straight from the bean, and Robert became familiar with roasting, winnowing, grinding the nib into liquor, manufacturing of chocolate paste and five-roll refining. During his professional career, Robert Whitefield saw the evolution from a factory that had fundamentally remained unchanged since 1929 through to automation. The company later became part of Bassett’s and then Cadbury’s. Robert has worked as a consultant in the UK, Europe, USA, the Caribbean, Middle East and Africa.

Table of Contents

  • Who this book is for, what is not in it?
  • Why chocolate?
  • Popularity, affordable luxury, enhancing centres, gifts, marketing, making profit
  • What products?
  • Available ingredients, local specialities, competition
  • The factory
  • Scale, climate, building, layout, services
  • Equipment
  • ew/second-hand, capacity, maintenance, electronic and mechanical systems, correct buying procedure, contracts
  • Packaging
  • Purpose, performance, appearance, in-line or off
  • Raw materials
  • Storage, sourcing, specifying, quality
  • Chocolate
  • Specifying, particle size, smoothness, buying as a raw material, acceptance procedure, safeguards and checks, fat content, other ingredients, milk, plain and white, compounds
  • Tempering
  • Practical information, temper meters, importance
  • Enrobing
  • Centres for enrobing, recipes, enrobing principles, key areas in detail, chocolate proportions, decorating
  • Chocolate moulding plant
  • One-shot, shell, Frozen Cone, hollow, solid, fat-based and water-based centres, inclusions, aeration, depositors, plants, tempering, mould design, demoulding, air-conditioning, dew-point
  • Panning
  • Rotating pans, belt coaters, drum coaters, technique, principles, centres
  • Recipes
  • Fondant, fermentation, toffees, caramel, fudge, aerated nougats, whips, textures and how to control them, graining, sugar/glucose ratios, invertase, flavours, colours, emulsifiers
  • Labelling
  • Legal compliance, descriptions, weights, consumer information
  • Costing
  • Non-accountant’s perspective, re-working scrap, efficiency
  • Consumers
  • Protection, good manufacturing practice, due diligence, hygiene, micro-biological checks and standards, traceability, positive release, crisis management
  • Staff
  • Importance, training, management