enrobed filled chocolates

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Science and technology of enrobed and filled chocolate, confectionery and bakery products

by Geoff Talbot

Woodhead Publishing Ltd
Publication date: June 2009
Hardcover, 468 pages

ISBN: 978-1-84569-390-9

With its experienced team of authors, Science and technology of enrobed and filled chocolate,confectionery and bakery products is an essential purchase for professionals in the chocolate, confectionery and bakery industries.

Table of Contents


Chocolate manufacture
S. Beckett, formerly of Nestlé Product Technology Centre, UK

Formulation of chocolate for industrial applications
P. Yates, Barry Callebaut (UK) Ltd, UK

Fats for confectionery coatings and fillings
G. Talbot, The Fat Consultant, UK

Compound coatings
G. Talbot, The Fat Consultant, UK

Fat-based centres and fillings
J. Birkett, AarhusKarlshamn Denmark A/S, Denmark

Caramels, fondants and jellies as centres and fillings
W. Edwards, Bardfield Consultants, UK

Biscuits and bakery products
M. Brown, Burton Foods Ltd, UK

Chocolate and couvertures: applications in ice cream
D. Cebula and A. Hoddle, Unilever R&D, UK


Product design and shelf-life issues: oil migration and bloom
G. Ziegler, Penn State University, USA

Product design and shelf-life issues: moisture and ethanol migration
G. Talbot, The Fat Consultant, UK

Shelf-life prediction and testing
P. Subramaniam, Leatherhead Food International, UK

Controlling the rheology of chocolate and fillings
M. Wells, formerly of Cadbury Trebor Bassett, UK

Using microscopy to understand the properties of confectionary products
K. Groves, Leatherhead Food International, UK


Ingredient preparation: the science of tempering
K. Smith, Unilever Colworth, UK

Ingredient preparation: tempering process technology
K. Richter, Sollich KG, Germany

Manufacturing processes: enrobing
M. Bean, Baker Perkins Ltd, UK

Manufacturing processes: chocolate panning and inclusions
G. Geschwindner and H. Drouven, Drouven & Fabry GmbH, Germany

Manufacturing processes: production of chocolate shells
J. Meyer, Bühler Bindler GmbH, Germany

Manufacturing processes: deposition of fillings
J. Meyer, Bühler Bindler GmbH, Germany