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MAGIC Temper Alpha

Smallest version of the MAGIC Temper family, for up to 70 kg of chocolate/day.

Perfectly pre-crystallized chocolate without classic tempering.

This wonderful small device helps you to prepare in a second even smallest quantities of perfectly pre-crystallized chocolate.

Some of the numerous benefits:

  • Perfect if you don’t know how to temper chocolate (even vegan and/or organic)
  • Perfect if you need only small quantities
  • Perfect if you want to avoid all the cleaning after tempering (table and tools)
  • Allows to work with bigger quantities of perfectly tempered chocolate for a long time (as chocolate has a higher temperature)
  • Allows to work with good fluidity of chocolate (especially for masses with less fat or white chocolate)
  • Can also be used to pre-crytallize fillings, such as praliné and ganache

The temperature is set with an App on your smartphone via Bluetooth.

MAGIC Temper Alpha
MAGIC Temper Alpha
MAGIC Temper Alpha


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