Ref: CH-L

Zucker Haken

Manufactured from full stainless steel, the Candy Pulling Hook is robust, easy to clean and simple to use (as well as keeping you fit!).

The candy batch is first placed over the hook, then the two loose ends are gathered and thrown over it repeatedly. The process continues until sufficient air has been pulled into the batch.

Pulling the batch also turns the candy white, which can prove useful when trying to achieve particular colours.

The Candy Pulling Hook is supplied in two parts: the back plate is screwed onto the wall and the hook slips easily in and out for easy cleaning.

Candy Pulling Hook features:

  • Full stainless steel construction ensures a long life and easy cleaning.
  • Hook releases quickly from back plate.

Zucker Haken
Wand Haken
Zuckermasse auf Haken
Haken an der Wand