Chocolate decorations

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Chocolate Decorations

by Jean-Pierre Wybauw

Publisher: Uitgeverij Lannoo nv
Publication date: October 2006
Hardcover: 200 pages

ISBN: 978-90-209-6829-3

The book is available in English and French

English: Chocolate Decorations
French: Décors en Chocolat

Jean-Pierre Wybauw, a world-renown teacher of chocolate and confectionery technology, has been an advisor and instructor with Barry-Callebaut for 32 years. He lives in Belgium, and constantly travels around the globe to teach professionals the tricks of the trade, and giving lectures at famous culinary schools. For years he has been a valued judge during international contests and in 2002 he was voted Chef of the Year by the Culinary Institute of America.

His book, Chocolate decorations, is a comprehensive and practical guide. With clear action images and brilliant photography, more than 100 original decoration techniques are explained. A must-have for professionals and advanced amateurs.


Correct Precrystallisation

Correct Cooling

Decoration of Frozen Materials

Piped Decorations

Decorating Moulds


Techniques for Chocolate Showpieces

Stencils – Patterns – Print Techniques