Ref: DF1004

Entonnoir doseur 2 – Entonnoir en inox avec système de dosage

The truffle filler is a manual depositing funnel working with a handle and a piston. The dosing system is made of a valve ball and a spring.

The funnel is nearly completely stainless steel, therefore this model is heavier than the former one. But it allows a far better temperature control. Many details have been added to improve its use, like a mark to open and close easily the piston part.

The stand has to be ordered separately.

Material: inox
Dimensions: Height 200 mm, Width 300 mm
Diameter (at the top of the funnel): approx. 210 mm
Weight: 1,3 kg
Capacity: 1L

The funnel is suitable for all kinds of viscous masses (truffle, cream, jam, caramel, jellies …). Stepless and precise adjustment of dosage: about 1-17 g.

Made in Germany


Entonnoir doseur DF1004

Entonnoir doseur DF1004-2
Entonnoir doseur DF1004-3
Entonnoir doseur DF1004-4