Ref: SM

Moules de Silicone avec Cadre pour Confiseries Coulées

Flexible silicon moulds for the depositing of jellies (pectin, agar), caramels, fondant, chocolate…

May be used as well for high boilings (but doesn`t give the optimal shine of deposited high boilings)

Size of the mould: 183 x 340 mm
3 x 8 pieces

Different shapes available:

  • Pastilles (diameter 30 mm)  – Ref: SM1   OUT OF STOCK
  • Bananas (45x14x14 mm)  – Ref: SM2
  • Orange slices (45x18x15 mm)  – Ref: SM3
  • Lemons (32x23x11 mm)  – Ref: SM4
  • Half balls (diameter 25 mm)  – Ref: SM5  OUT OF STOCK
  • Pears (33x21x10 mm)  – Ref: SM6