Ref: PS/1 to PS/20

Plaster Stamps / Moulds for mogul products

Collection of mogul stamps solden in small quantities for lab trials. The stamps are made of detectable plaster. The advantage of this material is that broken particles over one tenth of a gram can be detected by metal detectors.


Bear     – Ref: PS/1
Mouse – Ref: PS/2
Frog     –  Ref: PS/3
Fish      – Ref: PS/4 and PS/41
Shell     – Ref: PS/5
Worm   – Ref: PS/6 and PS/61
Seahorse – Ref: PS/7
Smiley   – Ref: PS/8
Raspberry – Ref: PS/9
Ring       – Ref: PS/10
Heart     – Ref: PS/11
Jelly bean – Ref: PS/12 and PS/121
Cola bottle – Ref: PS/13
Bone      – Ref: PS/14
Mushroom – Ref: PS/15
Tool       – Ref: PS/16
Biker     – Ref: PS/17
Rider     – Ref: PS/18
Teeth    – Ref: PS/19and PS/191
Hut       – Ref : PS/20 and PS/201

Wine gum collection    – Ref: PSC/1
Small fruits collection  – Ref: PSC/2


(per 5 pieces of the same article or per collection)