Ref: CC-L

Cushion Cutter

The Cushion Cutter machine is a bench top unit used for making hard and soft candies.

Candy rope is pulled through the Cushion Cutter machine and cut into pillow shaped pieces typically known as humbugs. Once it has been cut, the candy rope is then left to cool and becomes brittle, making it easy to break up into individual candy cushion pieces.
The unit consists of an in-feed port, cutter and out-feed port, all manufactured in stainless steel for long life and maximum hygiene.
The unit is supplied with one set of cutters; with different cutters the unit can cut many different lengths of candies.
At the front of the machine is a clear hinged guard cover to the cutter section. This is fitted with a safety switch so the machine will automatically stop if the guard is open.

These machines are typically suited to small scale, low volume production, for example for recipe development or public demonstrations.