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Chocolate, Cocoa, and Confectionery: Science and Technology

by Bernard Minifie

Publication date: August 1989 (3d edition)
Hardcover, 904 pages

ISBN: 978-0-8342-1301-2

Recognised as an industry standard, this definitive guide provides a comprehensive review of chocolate and confectionary production and processing operations. The technical and scientific aspects of the various manufacturing procedures are emphasized: formulations and recipes are used as needed to supplement explanations and to advance understanding of a particular process. Other areas include raw materials, emulsifiers, replacers and compounds, ingredients, sweeteners, starches and colors, applied methods, food value, packaging and entomology.

Table of Contents

  • Cocoa and Chocolate: History and Development
  • Cocoa and Processes
  • Cocoa Butter and Replacement Fats
  • Emulsifiers in Chocolate
  • Confectionery Coatings and Cocoa
  • Chocolate Manufacture
  • Confectionery Coatings
  • Chocolate Replacers
  • Dietetic Compounds
  • Chocolate Bars and Covered Confectionery
  • Confectionery: Ingredients and Processes
  • Sugars, Glucose Syrups and Other Sweeteners
  • Confectionery Fats
  • Milk and Milk Products
  • Egg Albumen and Other Aerating Agents
  • Gelatinizing Agents, Gums, Glazes, Waxes
  • Starches, Soya Flour, Soya Proteins. Fruits, Preserved Fruits, Jam, Dried Fruit Nuts
  • Chemical and Allied Substances Used in the Confectionery Industry
  • Colors for Use in Confectionery Flavor and Flavoring Materials
  • Confectionery Processes and Formulations
  • General Technology
  • Science and Technology of Chocolate and Confectionery
  • Pest Control
  • Packaging in the Confectionery Industry
  • Quality Control
  • Food Value of Chocolate and Confectionery
  • Research and Development in the Confectionery Industry
  • Special Methods of Analysis
  • Resources