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Biscuit, cracker and cookie recipes for the food industry

by Duncan Manley

Hardcover: 208pages
Publisher: Woodhead Publishing Ltd
Publication date: January 2001
ISBN: 1855735431


The book begins by investigating some of the key variables in effective recipe development. It then presents a series of recipes for hard-dough products such as crispbread and crackers, short-dough biscuits and cookies, extruded and deposited dough products. Further chapters include recipes for sponge biscuits, wafers and secondary processes such as icing and chocolate coating. A final chapter covers the important area of dietetic products, including recipes for reduced fat and sugar biscuits and products for particular groups such as diabetics and babies.

Biscuit, cracker and cookie recipes for the food industry provides unparalleled access to best practice in the industry, and a wealth of ideas for product developers and production managers. It will be an essential resource.


– How to use this book
– Names of biscuit products
– Dos and Don’ts in recipe development

Classification of biscuits
– Introduction
– Classification based on enrichment of the recipe
– Classification based on method of dough piece formation

Dough consistency
– Introduction
– What is dough consistency and why is it important?
– Why should consistencies of dough change?
– Can the dough water requirement be predicted?

Baking techniques
– Introduction
– Controlling heat in an oven
– Setting temperatures for baking

Recipes for hard doughs
– Introduction
– Pizza, crispbread and pretzel
– Cream crackers, soda crackers and water biscuits
– Puff biscuits
– Savoury or snack crackers
– Semisweet biscuits

Recipes for short doughs
– Introduction
– Plain biscuits
– Biscuits for cream sandwiching
– Biscuits for other secondary processing
– Chemicals present in the recipes of this group
– Secondary processes used for products of this group

Recipes for extruded and deposited doughs
– Introduction
– Wire-cut doughs
– Bars/rout press doughs
– Coextruded products
– Deposited doughs
– Chemicals present in the recipes of this group

Recipes for sponge biscuits
– Introduction
– Recipes for sponge drop biscuits

Recipes for wafers
– Introduction
– Recipes for wafer batters for flat sheets
– Other types of wafer
– Secondary processing

Recipes for secondary processes
– Introduction
– Sweet and savoury biscuit creams
– Icing
– Jams, jellies and caramel
– Marshmallow
– Chocolate

Recipes for dietetic biscuits
– Introduction
– Recipes based on exclusion or substitution of particular ingredients
– Recipes based on inclusion of particular ingredients
– Recipes based on reduction of fat, sugar and salt
– Labelling of dietetic biscuits