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Lab Cocoa Bean Breaking and Winnowing system

Processes few beans to small batches.

The System consists of an electrically driven cocoa breaker that cracks the whole bean - raw or roasted - and a pneumatic air-flow winnower that separates the broken shells from the nibs.

Both units are compact and lightweight for use on a workbench or in the laboratory.

Used together, they can achieve results in a few minutes compared with the labour intensive hand cutting method. Not only is the system much faster, but it gives consistent results time after time.
A vibratory feeder in either aluminium or stainless steel may be ordered as optional device to allow controlled, even feed into the inlet hoppers.



In operation, cocoa beans are fed into the inlet hopper of the breaker and pass to an internal rotating roller.
The specially engineered roller and stainless steel adjustable breaking blocks "shear" the beans to avoid unnecessary crushing.
The broken shells and nibs fall into any convenient reception tray.

Capacity: approx 15-20kgs per hour
Dimensions: 42 cm x 47 cm x 45 cm
Weight: 36 kg
Electrical Power: 0.25kw motor available in 220/240 V 1 phase 50hz, or with 110V 1 phase 60Hz
Materials of construction: cast iron, stainless steel, brass (inlet hopper and outlet chute from stainless steel if required)

Art.No.: DSBR-15


Winnower (2 sizes)

The broken mixture is then fed carefully into the winnower, where an adjustable air current separates the broken shell from the nib.
The closed-circuit construction of the winnower means that there is no need to make provision for exhaust air.
Any necessary cleaning is easily carried out.

Capacity: approx 5-10kgs per hour / approx 15-20kgs per hour
Dimensions: 17 cm x 37 cm x 50 cm  /  38 cm x 64 cm x 92 cm
Weight: 8 kgs / 25 kgs
Electrical Power: 16 watt / 75 watt motor available in 220/240 V 1 phase 50hz, or with 110V 1 phase 60Hz
Materials of construction: mild stell or fully stainless steel

Art.No.: DSWIN-5