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Chewing gum equipment

Chewing Gum Equipment

Lab double-Z kneaders

This equipment has been designed for testing various chewing gum masses and flavours and for developing new types of chewing gum and bubble gum. - 2... [more]

Chewing Gum Equipment

Lab Extruder

This equipment is a table construction with two countercurrent extrusion screws of 50 mm diameter and 300 mm length each. - solid stainless steel... [more]

Chewing Gum Equipment

Laboratory rolling and scoring machine

This equipment has been designed for rolling and scoring tests with chewing gum and other similar masses. It is made of a rolling station, a... [more]

Chewing Gum Equipment

Manual cutting unit

Chewing gum cutting unit with crank handle for the manual cutting of chewing gum pillows - form can be chosen according to requirements. Desk top unit... [more]