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May 2011 - Statistic report - www.datasweet.info

From 01.05. to 31.05.2011

1) General statistics

Page views represent the total number of web page requests made to the server during the given time period (month, day, hour etc..).

Number of page views for home page 15.696
Number of page views for entire site 15.888
Average number of page views per day 513

2) Relevant values

Direct access to the web site (by entering the domain in the browser or via favourits): 90%

Visits via referring domains (number of requests that have come via links from other web sites): 6%

Visits via searching engins: 4%

3) Top level domains visitors

com 80%
net 6%
de 6%
fr 1%
nl 1%
cn 1%
others 5%