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Our services

We offer more than 20 years of experience in technical consulting, product development, organization and holding of seminars.
Consulting, product development and training can be carried out at the customer's or at our premises.

We carry out our services in four languages: German / English / Spanish / French.


Our field of expertise covers:

  • Chocolate (from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar) / Moulding and enrobing
  • Fillings (praliné, truffle, fondant, liqueur, caramel, marzipan, ...)
  • Candy bars
  • High boiled candies
  • Toffees, Fudges
  • Gums and jellies
  • Aerated products
  • Panned goods (sugar, chocolate)
  • Chewing gum

Please contact us if you need:

• Trainings in industrial production of chocolate and sugar confectionery (including raw materials) in English, German, French and Spanish language

• Consulting (process and product analyses)

• Optimisation of recipes and processes

• Development of new products (in our own lab or in your facilities)