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In our DataSweet online bookstore, we select books for professionals related to all categories of sweets (chocolate, pralines, sugar confectionery, biscuits, ice cream, snacks) and ingredients for sweets.

These books are references in the world wide industry of sweets. Their authors are recognized experts as Stephen T. Beckett, Brian Jackson, Bernard Minifie and Jean-Pierre Wybauw.

DataSweet's bookstore is absolutely unique. Nowhere else in the web will you find such a choice of textbooks focussed on sweets technology. Even topics as specialized as chewing gum making are available.

The books are shipped worldwide from Germany via airmail. On special request, we also send books via express courier. We recommend payment by credit card (fee: 2%).

Our books can also be checked on site in our facilities. Our extended library is open to everyone working with sweets. We recommend to make an appointment per mail or phone previously. We can also arrange visits in the evening.

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