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Mini Cocoa Bean Winnower

Capacity: up to 15 kg/hour

This Mini-Winnower is designed for artisan "bean to bar" chocolate makers and companies doing research and development. It has a unique breaker, sieving, and dust collection system. The design of the Winnower is specific to cocoa bean processing, and is based on large scale industrial cocoa bean winnowers.

The Winn-15 Mini Winnower is a smaller version of the Winn-150 Small Scale Cocoa Bean Winnower, giving many capabilities of the larger winnower at a lower cost.

Designed specifically for breaking and winnowing roasted and unroasted cocoa beans up to 15 Kg/hour, the Winn-15 Mini Cocoa Bean Winnower provides maximum yield on nibs, and maximum removal of shell. The Bean Breaker design on the Winnower is adjustable, and does not "overgrind" the cocoa beans. The ability to adjust the Bean Breaker permits you to keep as much cocoa nib as possible, while removing as much cocoa shell as possible.

The Mini Winnower includes a vacuum system with dust pick-ups for each vibratory screen and fines pan.
Easy separation of cocoa nib, shell, and fines. The Winnower design quickly separates the cocoa nib from the shells. The vacuum system removes shells, dust and fines for easy disposal.

The Winnower is hand crafted with high quality stainless steel.
Optional Features. A Variable Speed Drive for the bean breaker, and Custom Screen Mesh sizes are available.
Throughput Rate per Hour. 15 kilograms (30 pounds).
Floorspace/Footprint. 61 cm x 76 cm x 142 cm (24 in x 30 in x 56 in)
Electrical Power. 120 Volts, 60 Hz, 1 Phase (other electrical requirements possible)

Art.No.: WINN-15