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Vegetable Fats in Sweets Production - Practical Handbook

by Andrea Pernot-Barry, Bernd Brinkmann, Svenja Gaertner

DataSweet Online GmbH /
Publication: November 2015 /
ISBN: 9783981599336 /

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Vegetable fats are an essential ingredient of many recipes for sweets. Depending on product and application, they have to cope with a variety of tasks. When selecting the appropriate fat, factors such as melting behaviour, crystallisation speed, ans aeration properties have to be taken into consideration, since in many products, the properties of the fat decisively characterise the sensory properties of the finished product.

1 Interesting facts about vegetable fats
1.1. Composition of fats
1.2. Physical properties and their effects in application
1.3. Chemical reactions and their effects in practice
1.4. Vegetable fats for the sweets industry - origin and properties
1.5. Customised fats for the production of sweets
1.6. Fats in sugar confectionery and chocolate products
1.7. Special fats: alternatives for cocoa butter
1.8. Vegetable fats in the spotlight
1.9. Labelling of vegetable oils and fats
1.10. Conclusion

2 Recipes
2.1. Nomenclature of Walter Rau fats for sweets
2.2. Recipes
       bars - compound coatings - fat fillings - ice cups - spreads - toffees